I'm a copywriter
& I'm a doula.

Women come to me when they need clarity and support, especially in their written communications or around their experience of motherhood. I help them make big changes, communicate clearly and kindly, and then go forward with power. It's a joy and my calling.

Meet Jess

My professional background is in public relations and communications, specializing in online businesses communications and customer service strategy. I also have a masters degree in feminist studies, worked in a corporate law firm for a short time, and I began my doula practice as a community doula. I’m a Birthing From Within mentor, a homebirth midwives’ assistant, a founding member of Whole Mother Village, and a mom.



For web or promotional copy that clarifies, promotes, and connects. My speciality is writing for women who are online service or e-product providers, or whose customer service requires a loving hand. Services include revising, restructuring and repurposing old copy, or developing all-new content for marketing and social media. 

I struggled to define on paper all that I do. So many times when people asked me to describe what I do, I felt at a lost for defining the all of me. You have such eloquence with words. You captured the very essence of who I am.


As a doula and childbirth educator, I teach Birthing From Within childbirth preparation classes in partnership with Whole Mother Village in Montclair, New Jersey. Our practice provides prenatal, labor, and postpartum support in a loving, non-judgemental group setting. 

A true healer with a compassionate and enduring spirit, Jess performs the role of doula with uncanny wisdom and love. For me, the father, she also was my rock. I grappled with hard moments yet Jess was there steadfast, focused and smiling.

  • a new father from New Jersey


Say It With Grace: a Blueprint for Stellar Client Communications

CKEmail templates & a guide for what to say, how to say it, and what to do when customer service gets gnarly 

Oh my goodness. I have two post-graduate degrees in corporate communications and there wasn’t one sample email in this book that didn’t leave me thinking that is so much better than I would have written. Your examples really are so gracefully written but it’s so much more than email. You’ve given me permission to own my own policies and boundaries and commitment to myself and my talent and time and worth. You give us ways of coping with situations that are so hard on sensitive, creative people… words that make it all manageable without selling ourselves out, without making ourselves victims, without feeling through so much freaking angst, shame, despair.

Carrie Klassen, chief creatrix, Pink Elephant Communications

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